About Us

Founded in 2017, Elenchos has become one of the leading care management service providers in the U.S. We provide a comprehensive set of care services for what is thereafter medicin patients across the country. By providing access to care services specifically designed for chronically ill patients, our team of seasoned and multidisciplinary clinical experts are able to help patients live fuller and healthier lives while also reducing the cost https://adsoncoach.com.br/cheap-cialis-without-rx/ burden to the healthcare system.

The Elenchos Care Model positions behavioral health as the foundation of outcomes-based care management. Derived from the Greek premise described in “Plato on Virtue and Law” which highlights that optimal bodily health is achieved only through an emphasis on mental health.

Patients with chronic diseases often have concomitant behavioral https://clinicamaranatha.com.br/online-pharmacies/ health issues. At Elenchos, we realize that a patient with a chronic physical illness is not going to follow his/her treatment plan if there is underlying and non-addressed depression or anxiety present.

By implementing a holistic approach by addressing the behavioral health needs of every patient first and foremost, our patients become more engaged in buy drug propecia their care resulting in a patient adherent to their medical treatment plan.

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