The Problem in Healthcare

The Problem in Healthcare

It’s a bit much to ask a practice to develop an outcomes-driven CCM program on their own. Here’s why:
  • You have enough on your plate. Keep your focus and attention on the patients in your practice, let us handle the rest.
  • Our technology platform tracks and documents each CCM encounter by the second – sit back and have peace of mind!
  • Don’t worry about hiring additional qualified staff to perform CCM, our multidisciplinary team of professionals offer you expert care at no cost to you. In fact, you receive payment from us at the end of each month.

Elenchos provides a complete end-to-end chronic care management solution designed specifically to improve patient outcomes and incentivize physicians seamlessly.

The Elenchos Approach

From enrollment to billing and payment, Elenchos is the only chronic care management provider that can handle CCM from end-to-end.

Unique Care Delivery

Elenchos has a nationwide network of multidisciplinary clinicians who are specific to each disease state and perform care management services 7 days a week. Our CCM program is developed and guided by our team of physician thought leaders in full compliance with Medicare guidelines.

Driving Patient Outcomes

Our patients are 3x more compliant in receiving vaccinations, preventative care screenings, and have experienced a 60% decrease in ER visits and hospitalizations. Elenchos has improved medication adherence of its CCM enrolled patients by 86%.

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