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Breaking free is difficult, but it is the best decision you can ever make. While this might sound cliché, one of the things you can do is write a goodbye letter to your addiction. This method has helped many people let go of their issues. It’s easy, and confidential – call us to learn about the different teen treatment programs we offer. goodbye letter to drugs Without you, I am accomplishing more than I ever have. Without you, I am returning to the life and people I once loved because I know they still love me. I’m an alcoholic and drug addict and I physically and emotionally damage those I care about while under the influence. I know that if I stick with you, things could only get worse.

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Several benefits come with being sober and if you are in early recovery, you may already be experiencing some of them. In your addiction break up letter you can discuss these as well as your goals for the future now that you are sober. This can keep you motivated in your recovery as well as help you feel power over your addiction as you recognize that you have a brighter future ahead of you. Your goodbye letter can come in handy in the future. When things get tough in your recovery process, you can read the letter to remind yourself why you decided to get sober in the first place. This might provide the extra motivation you need to stay on track and avoid a relapse. A goodbye letter to a substance can help you deal with traumatic events that have contributed to your addiction. It might also be easier to put something down in writing than it would be to express it verbally. Writing down your goals can dramatically increase your chances of achieving them.

Goodbye Letter to Addiction: Christina

I was sick with withdrawal from you, but I felt your hold weakening. Afterwards, I went to an inpatienttreatment centerwhere I made friends with a bunch of other people whose lives, like mine, you had wrecked. We bonded over and shared stories about what you’d done, what you’d made us do. C) YOU stole my reputation when you caused me to lie to my friends and family. You lied to me and made me believe that they would believe my lies and what they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

D) YOU destroyed the positive relationships that I had spent years building. You took away the only people who I ever truly knew understood me and left me with no one to talk to, and afraid to ask for help. I HOPE YOU SUFFER A LONG, TORTUROUS DEATH, ALL ALONE AND BY YOURSELF SO YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND AND FEEL THE PAIN THAT YOU CAUSED! E) YOU showed Sober Home me a path to complete self-destruction and utter despair, so dark and terrifying that I felt I had no other way out except to murder who I was. You led me to want to kill the person that I had become so that I could never again be who I once was. METH, I WILL SIT AND WATCH YOU END YOUR LIFE, JUST LIKE YOU SAT BY AND WATCHED WHEN I ENDED MINE.

What to Include in Your Goodbye Letter to Alcohol?

Butch Glover, a state licensed and nationally certified addiction counselor, accepted his role as Chief Operations Officer in 2015. Dr. Sledge served on the board of directors for the American Society of Addiction Medicine and was among the first physicians to receive certification from them. In 2008, he was recognized by the Praed Foundation as a national “Systems Champion” for implementing a statewide children’s assessment for DCS. He also received the Friend of Children Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 from Tennessee Voices for Children after seven years on their board.

How do I find my ambition in life?

  1. Compete with yourself. Rather than focusing on the achievements of others, focus on improving your own life and career.
  2. Surround yourself with ambitious people.
  3. Continuously set goals.
  4. Take exciting risks.
  5. Embrace your imagination.

Most importantly, you are open and honest in your letter. Closes the door on an addictive past. Making a definitive break with addiction is aided by telling it that your relationship is over and you are putting the past far behind you. Mastin is affiliated with the United Methodist Church where she serves many roles and sits goodbye letter to drugs on the board. She’s also on the regional board of directors at the Center for Youth Ministry Training where they find new ways to minister to young people. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee. Cindy Patterson accepted her role as Chief Development and Marketing Officer in 2019.

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