How Nice are “kind Guys” of OkCupid?

By now, everyone has most likely heard of sweet Guys of OkCupid. For those who haven’t, here’s the premise:

Some body thought it would be amusing to publish pictures of unappealing, socially awkward men from OkCupid, combined with unpleasant clips off their profiles speaking about how they tend to be “nice men.”

While I can’t help but ask yourself what can happen in the event that gender roles were corrected here, it performed get myself considering “nice dudes.”

Let us paint only a little picture of the sweet Guy:

The kind man is actually a woman’s closest friend. He is always there when this lady has problems.

In reality, he usually volunteers their solutions even when they aren’t wanted. He fancies himself a female’s nearest confidant, but the guy rages at being in the “friend area.”

This isn’t only limited by the guy which dreams intensely about a relationship together with his closest friend and desires learn how they can make it happen.

This can be additionally the sort of man which only talks to females so he is able to get laid.

Just how “nice” of some guy is actually he?

to start with, dealing with exactly what a “nice man” you’re is normally a fairly obvious sign you aren’t, which I think may be the point of the web site to begin with.

It really is like dudes who happen to be constantly happening on how “honest” these are generally. It either implies they truly are proud of acting like assholes constantly or they may be pathological liars.

In the same way, the “nice man” is certainly not. He’s had gotten an insurance policy (usually a pretty self-centered any), and then he disguises it underneath the cloak to be a “nice guy.”

From the Art of Charm, we aren’t the least bit opposed to agendas, even types that could be just a little “selfish.” But we would encourage men in all honesty and above-board regarding their motives always.


“People commonly attracted to honesty,

purpose of motion and high personal importance.”

All this prevents a fairly essential point:

No one previously had gotten laid when you’re a “nice man.”

The Nice men of OkCupid fail at creating relationship and intimate tension. They then reach the passive-aggressive conclusion ladies don’t like all of them because they’re “also nice.”

These are the dudes just who frankly believe ladies identify assholes. Every guy with a lick of social awareness knows on some degree this is not real.

However, at least they know the kind of females they wish to date won’t be into online dating assholes.

Exactly what do women really want?

Since there are nearly 3.5 billion ladies on earth and that I’ve only satisfied a fraction of all of them, it’s difficult to state.

But folks in common are usually drawn to sincerity, purpose of activity and high personal price.

You’ll gamble by far the most socially profitable people in society didn’t make it by mistreating other people. Nor did they make it through incorrect, passive-aggressive “niceness,” which finally was actually simply a self-serving energy play.

You need to be good. In addition want to be independent and, most importantly, real.

The cool men of OkCupid are not simply duplicitous and passive-aggressive.

They even need by themselves authenticated from exterior options, typically females. And they women can smell the frustration on it.

The initial thing you should learn is if you are not satisfied with your self as you are, you have to get proficient at acting you are if you are busting your ass to have there the real deal.

Asking attention off men and women, specially by trying to make all of them feel terrible when they don’t have, is among the most worst social approach heading.

Audience, how will you stay a “nice guy” without having an insurance policy?

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